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Participate in our referral fee based process to help us find talent!

Join our referral program and be compensated if your referral is placed by us and is not already in our database.

Do you know an I.T. colleague you work with in the Nashville area that is considering a change? Many times, employers won’t find out until they already have another job. Let us help you help them find the right match!  Please fill out our referral form to begin the process!

Fees paid to you can range anywhere from $1000 – $3000 each).

Lutient will pay the following referral fees if you refer an applicant that our client hires through us.

Tier One
$1000 Referral Fee
For your first three referrals that we place, you will earn $1000 each.

Tier Two
$2000 Referral Fee

For your next 3 referrals (4, 5,and 6), that we place, you will earn $2000 each.

Tier Three
$3000 Referral Fee

For the remaining referrals (7 and after), that we place, you will earn $3000 each 

In order to receive a fee, the applicant must work for our client for a specifed number of days (varies by client, but usually 120 – 190 days) without giving notice or termination.  You will also receive a referral fee regardless of the position they are being placed in.  Your referral does not expire until they are placed.  They simply need to be the reason we are considering them for a position.

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