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As someone who has scoured through mountains of resumes in my career, it’s still a challenge to develop a truly accurate picture of each candidate being reviewed. Additionally, after sifting through, perhaps hundreds of resumes to narrow down the search, they all begin to look the same! Candidates, recruiters and employers could all benefit from accuracy in the vetting process.

With that being said, the concept of a video resume, however, could be a game changer, especially when done properly. While the concept is not new, it certainly is still innovative and can make a powerful impact on a potential employer who is already filling up the office waste paper basket as he attempts quickly, and probably inefficiently, narrow down to a shortlist.

Here are a few examples of video resumes. Watch a few and form and idea of how you can transform your experiences into a video resume format. Lutient glady accepts video resume links in our application process, using the “Video Resume URL” field. Enjoy!


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